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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) use a question-and-answer format to provide information on the use of the Early Learning and Child Care Directory, and additional information about child care that may be of interest to parents. This section will be updated as needed.

How do I search using the map?

The map can be searched in a number of ways. You can zoom in and out by using the scale on the right side of the map by clicking on the plus (+) or minus (-) signs, or scrolling with your computer mouse. You can change the centering of the map on the page by holding and dragging the map with your mouse. On the right side of the map you can search by community or route; click on the down arrow on the far right and enter the information in the text boxes, and click Search on the bottom of the page. You can locate child care services that are licensed to care for children who are the age of your child by entering the Month and Year of your child's birth, and clicking Search on the bottom of the page. Only those services licensed or approved for that age will appear on the map.
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What is My Shortlist and how do I use it?

My Shortlist is a tool for you to create a temporary list of those child care centres to which you may want to return for further review. When you click on a child care centre's map pin, the text box that appears includes an option to Add to Shortlist. Clicking on that option will add that centre to My Shortlist, which then appears on the left side of the page. You can then review the list by clicking on My Shortlist, or on the individual centres in the list.
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What is a Child Care Service?

A child care service is an activity or other arrangement that provides temporary care or supervision of a child. It can be operated in a child care centre or a family home. Activities and arrangements that are not considered to be a child care service can be found in section 2(f) of the Child Care Act.
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What is Regulated Child Care?

Regulated child care refers to a child care service as described above that is required to hold a child care licence or an approval certificate from a licensed agency. Regional staff from the Early Learning and Child Development Division regularly visit child care services that hold a licence. Similarly, family child care agency staff regularly visit child care services that hold an approval certificate which was issued by a licensed agency. These visits help to ensure legislation and policy are met and support licensees and child care service providers to exceed these standards. All regulated child care services must follow the Child Care Act, Regulations, and the associated Policy and Standards. Some child care services may be exempt from the requirement to be regulated. Information on exemptions can be found in sections 2(f) and 2(g) of the Child Care Act and section 3 of the Child Care Regulations. Please note, a child must be attending a regulated child care service in order for eligible families to receive a Child Care Subsidy.
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Where can I find Child Care Legislation and Policy?

The Child Care Act, Child Care Regulations and the associated policy and standards are posted on the Government's website. They can be found at www.gov.nl.ca/eecd/childcare/resources/.
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What are Family Resource Centres?

Family Resource Centres provide a variety of community-based activities and resources for children and families that emphasize early childhood development and parenting support. They provide a place for families to gather in a friendly and informal setting. These may be found on the map as well.
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