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Child Care Centres by Name

If you are searching for a specific child care centre, please enter all or part of its name in the text box below. Leave the text box blank if you wish to see a list of all child care centres in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Information provided includes name, community, contact information, whether the centre is participating in the Operating Grants Program, and a link to obtain more details for that specific centre. The table is sorted alphabetically by name, but you can choose to sort by community by clicking on the word Community at the top of that column. It will sort in descending order; if you want to sort in ascending order, click on the word Community a second time.

The Operating Grant Program requires participating centres to charge no more than current daily subsidy rates; $44/day for infants (birth to under 24 months), $33/day for toddlers (24 to under 36 months), $30/day for 3 up to 13-year-olds in full day care, and $14/day for afterschool programs (up to 13 years of age). Child care centres participating in the Operating Grant program are not permitted to surcharge parents above these rates. The Provincial Government provides an operating grant to these centres to compensate for lost revenue, based on average market rates for parent fees. Further information may be found here

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