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Family Child Care

Regulated family child care is care provided to children in a child care provider's own home that is either individually licensed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development or approved through the licensed family child care agency, Family and Child Care Connections. The Child Care Services legislation identifies the number and ages of children permitted in a regulated family child care home (see also What is Regulated Child Care? under Frequently Asked Questions).

All regulated family child care providers in the St. John's/Metro area, and many of the providers in Corner Brook and surrounding areas, are approved under the licensed family child care agency - Family and Child Care Connections. Regulated family child care providers in other areas of the province are licensed directly through our regional offices. The total number of regulated family child care homes and spaces in each community may be found on the Search by Map page. If you are looking for regulated family child care space availability, click individually licensed spaces, or agency approved home spaces.

Family Child Care Agency

Family and Child Care Connections - Corner Brook
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Corner Brookfccc@nfld.net
(709) 637-2437
133 Riverside Drive, Norton Building
Family and Child Care Connections - St. John's
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St. John'sfccc@nfld.net
(709) 754-7090
50 Pippy Place, Unit 22

Regional Offices

Central East EECD Regional Office - Clarenville and EastHarbour Grace33 Cathedral Street, Taylor Building(709) 945-6557mavisturner@gov.nl.ca
Central East EECD Regional Office - West of ClarenvilleGrand Falls-Windsor3 Cromer Avenue, Provincial Building, 2nd Floor (709) 292-6283barbarafudge@gov.nl.ca
Labrador EECD Regional OfficeHappy Valley-Goose Bay2 Tenth Street(709) 896-3591wandaandersen@gov.nl.ca
Metro EECD Regional OfficeSt. John's100 Prince Phillip Drive, Confederation Building, West Block, 3rd Floor (709) 729-4331childcareenquiries-m@gov.nl.ca
Western EECD Regional OfficeCorner Brook133 Riverside Drive, Norton Building(709) 637-2763lindahurley@gov.nl.ca

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