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Child Care Availability

Child Care Availability is a voluntary listing of spaces available in regulated child care centres and family child care homes. Please note: Each listing will remain on this page for a maximum of 14 days from its posting. If the space is still available the child care service may resubmit the information, which will then be relisted. Additional information about availability in family child care homes approved by the family child care agency may also be found on the Agency website, found here.

If you are a regulated child care service and wish to post space availability on this page please send an email to elccdirectory@gov.nl.ca - your email must include the name, service type and location of your service, contact information and a description of the availability.

Disclaimer: The posting of information on this page is voluntary and may not reflect all of the available child care spaces in the province. The information is provided solely by the regulated child care service providers. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is providing this information as a service for parents/guardians looking for child care, but is not responsible for its accuracy. Parents are encouraged to follow up with child care centres, family child care homes and the family child care agency for more information on space availability.

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